Can You Read Quran With Tayammum? 

Read Quran With Tayammum

To read Quran or to pray you have to be in the state of wudu. But is it allowed to do tayammum instead of wudu? Let’s find out.

Can you read Quran with tayammum? Yes, you can read Quran with tayammum, but only under the following conditions: if you don’t have enough water or access to any water at all if you have a health condition that permits you from touching the water, and so on.

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When is it allowed to do tayammum?

man reading the quran to answer can you read the quran with Tayammum

We know that in order to read the Quran or to pray you have to be in the state of wudu. But sometimes you find yourself in the situation of not being able to perform wudu, no matter what the reasons are. Does that mean that you can’t pray or read Quran? Of course not, that’s why there is the alternative of wudu that doesn’t require water, it is called tayammum.

Tayammum is defined as the act of cleansing the body before praying or reading the Quran if there is no access to water to make wudu.

Then when is it allowed to do tayammum? It is allowed in one of the following conditions:


  • Acceptable water is not available within a one-mile radius.
  • There is a legitimate fear that an enemy or a dangerous animal is near the water.
  • Using your water to perform wudu would risk not having enough water to drink later.
  • There is no means of getting water out of the well (no rope or bucket to draw the water).
  • Using water would be dangerous to your health.
  • You don’t have enough money to purchase water that is being sold.
  • Water is being sold at an unreasonable price.
  • There is no trace of water and no person to ask about where to find water.

Can I do tayammum and read Quran?

Tayammum is the alternative act to wudu, so anything you can do with wudu is allowed with tayammum.

But when can you do tayammum instead of wudu? If you don’t have enough water or any water at all or if you have a health condition that doesn’t allow touching the water. Then it’s okay to do tayammum and read Quran or pray.

To perform wudu you need fresh water like fresh water from a pond or well, melted snow, river, sea, or spring water.

Does that mean that there is water that you can’t perform wudu with? Yes, and this kind of water includes unclean water, any water that its color has changed, if something impure has fallen into the water, also, you can’t use the same water that you have performed wudu with before.

Tayammum can be performed with clean earth; here is what is accepted to perform tayammum with:

  • pure earth
  • Sand
  • Stone
  • Limestone
  • Baked earthen pots
  • Walls made of mud, stone, or brick
  • Clay
  • Any item with a thick covering of dust

Items that are not acceptable to do tayammum with include:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Food items
  • Anything that burns to ash or melts

So, Can you do tayammum instead of wudu? Yes, you can do tayammum instead of wudu.

How to perform Tayammum?

The first thing you must do is to find a clean place; it could be anything natural like sand, grass, or rock. However, if the place is not clean you must clean it first. You can purify the place with water but if there is no water to clean with you can use any of the items that are allowed to do tayammum with like sand and stone.

Then if you are wearing a ring or there is nail polish on your nails then you must remove them to do tayammum. Also, when performing wudu you don’t have to take off your shoes or socks, you simply wipe the top of each covered foot one time with your wet hands.

While doing tayammum you can do the same but instead of water you will use any of the following items:

  • pure earth
  • Sand
  • Stone
  • Limestone
  • Baked earthen pots
  • Walls made of mud, stone, or brick
  • Clay
  • Any item with a thick covering of dust

And wipe the top of each covered foot one time. Also when doing tayammum you should memorize the right order to do tayammum or you will start all over again if you made a mistake. The same goes when doing wudu.

Steps to do tayammum:

Recite “Bismillaah irahmaan irrahiim” in English it is translated as “In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, and the most Compassionate “also just like you do before performing wudu, nothing new.

Now make the niyyah to perform tayammum and say “I am doing tayammum in place of wudu, for the pleasure of Allah and to seek closeness to him”.

The intention is important before doing anything, that’s why you should make the niyyah before you perform tayammum. But keep in mind that you don’t have to say it verbally, just have it in your heart that is how the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) used to do it.

After you make the niyyah touch the ground, clay, sand, or stone or whatever the item that you have. You don’t need to cover your hands with the earth or clay, just touch it with your palms then dust your hands off.

Cover your hands by moving the palm of your left hand so that it covers the entire back of your right hand from the wrist bone to the fingertips. Then repeat this action with the right palm covering your left hand.

Now rub your face starting from the right ear to the left ear. Place your palms on your forehead at the hairline and pull your hands down until they reach the bridge of your nose.

Abu Dawud narrated about tayammum and said “He struck his hands on the ground and dusted them off, then he struck his right hand with his left hand, and his left hand with his right hand, then he wiped his face.”

Can we recite surah Al-Kahf without wudu?

Yes, you can recite surah al-Kahf without wudu but only if you are going to read from memory, English translation of the Quran, or your smartphone. Otherwise, you can’t hold the Mushaf without wudu.

Can you listen to Quran with tayammum only?

To listen to Quran you don’t have to make Wudu, and tayammum is like wudu but is allowed in only some cases. So, yes you can listen to Quran with tayammum only.

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