Do You Have To Memorize The Quran?

Every Muslim wishes to achieve “Hifz,” or simple memorizing of the Quran. However, most brothers and sisters lament that they don’t have time to memorize the Quran because of their rigorous daily routines, and they wonder if they have to.

So, do I have to memorize the Quran? Yes, you have to memorize the Quran. You need the Quran memorization of Surahs to read in Salaah (prayers). You can’t perform Salah without reciting one Surah in every Rakaah. Memorizing the Quran also gives you Allah’s blessings in this life and the hereafter.bershka zenske kozne jakne cijena  رسم فنجان قهوة سهل  billie eilish merch bershka hoodie  vasca idromassaggio cinese amazon  dita logo משקפי שמש  costume carnevale 44 gatti  בני ציון נעליים  gopro app windows xp  щори от плат бургас  מתנה מוכרת 2017  igi e co sneakers alte amazon  marvel super heroes wii u  cantinetta vino plastica amazon  עפולה רח יהלום  youtube link to mp3 converter 

How Much Quran Should I Memorize? 

It is not necessary for every Muslim to memorize the whole Quran. In Islam, it is classified as “fard Kifaayah.” This indicates that if certain members of the community have memorized the Quran, there is no need for others to do the same.

However, it is extremely necessary and mandatory for every Muslim to memorize at least that amount from the Quran in order to employ it in daily prayers. To recite in prayers, every Muslim should learn Surah Fatiha and at least four additional short Surahs.

Now, if you memorised the Quran, that’d be inspirational and fantastic. Several Hadiths mention the excellence of a hafiz (a person who memorizes the whole Quran). It would be fantastic if each community had at least one individual who had memorized the whole Quran.

What Happens If You Memorize the Quran?

The Muslim Hafiz (one who memorizes the Quran) reaps many benefits both in this world and then the next. Because they carry Allah SWT’s Book, obey its commands, and teach it to others, Muslims who memorize the Quran are known as Allah’s and Islam’s people.

As a consequence of the Quran’s exposition of numerous religious issues, you will receive a tremendous quantity of religious awareness that will fill your heart.

“A person who has nothing of the Qur’an in his heart is like a ruined house” 


It will constantly purify your spirit. We are continually looking for methods to enhance our morals and interact with Allah, our Creator, and there is no greater way than via His words.

“The hearts rust just as iron rusts, and indeed they are polished through the recitation of the Quran.”

As Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him) said:

“The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.” 

As a result, the prophet (PBUH) declared that the Muslim who memorizes and transmits the Quran to all Muslims and countries is the greatest of all Muslims.

Furthermore, on The Last Day, the Quran appears as an intercessor for its readers (Yawm Al Qiyamah). According to Abu Umamah (May Allah Be Pleased With Him), the Prophet (PBUH) said:

“Recite the Quran, for it will come as an intercessor for its reciters on the Day of Resurrection” 


More benefits to memorizing the Quran

You will also earn a huge reward from Allah for memorizing the Holy Quran, and each letter of the Quran is connected with a good deed, and a good deed receives a tenfold recompense, which Allah doubles for whosoever He wills.

“Whoever recites a letter of the Book of Allah will be credited with a good deed and a good deed is multiplied into ten. I do not say that [the word:] “Alif Lam Meem” is counted as one letter. Rather, Alif is one letter, Lam is one letter and Meem is one letter” 


Memorizing the Quran strengthens your memory. It has been clinically proven to assist older individuals in improving their memory. Furthermore, reciting and memorizing the Holy Quran not only soothes the heart and mind but also alleviates worry and tension.

How Long Does It Take to Memorize the Quran?

The time required to memorize the Quran is not set. The minimal length, however, begins at two years. Depending on your Quran instructor, study strategies, and commitment, learning and memorizing the Quran may take less or more time.

Memorization of the Quran should be systematic and methodical. To ensure that you are learning correctly, you must go through a series of specified phases. Each level takes time, but with the right attitude and commitment, you can make it.

7 Tips to Fit Quran Memorization in Your Busy Schedule

Having a busy schedule might be the reason why you can’t memorize the Quran. For this matter, we gathered some simple tips that can help you memorize the Quran even when you’re busy.

Start after the Fajr prayer

Be the first to wake up and perform Fajr prayers. When you finish your early morning prayers, instead of engaging in trivial matters such as watching TV or browsing social media platforms, spend a few minutes memorizing the Quran.

Memorize a few ayahs every day

You may be tempted to remember one or two pages every day since it appears to be a reasonable goal. However, due to a lack of time, you may soon give it up. Reduce your expectations and begin by memorizing three to five lines every day.

Write and read

When you first start memorizing the Quran, you will undoubtedly come across unfamiliar ayahs. As a result, to memorize them, write five verses on a piece of paper and memorize them by heart.

Read those verses several times over the following few weeks to ensure that they are properly retained in your mind.

Review the daily verses whenever you can

Use every free minute of the day to read and remember the Quranic verses that you are putting to memory. For example, you may have many spare minutes while waiting for a bus, 15 minutes on the way home, a doctor’s appointment, or whatever else.

You may keep a list of the verses for the day on your phone notes for fast access and refer to them if you’re having trouble remembering what you’re learning.

Recite the ayahs in your daily prayers

You can recite daily verses in the five daily prayers to help you remember what you’re learning. You can alternate between the five verses you learned the same day or the prior days in each Rakaah.

Find a peaceful place

It is recommended to memorize the Quran in a quiet environment with few or no distractions. By keeping the environment calm, you will be able to enhance your attention and retain what you learn.

For example, as previously said, early morning memorizing sessions are extremely successful due to the low number of distractions at that time. You can also switch off your phone and laptop and concentrate entirely on the Quran to improve your concentration.

Take an online Quran class

Online Quran memorization classes are conducted via video chat. It offers great flexibility for people with busy schedules. You can choose the day and time that suits you and stick to it.

Quran Classes is here for you If you want to study the Quran quickly and easily. Quran for Beginners online classes with professional professors who know just how to make the process faster and simpler for you are a fantastic place to start. 

You may advance in all parts of the Quran by taking a selection of online Quran lessons. You can learn Quran recitation and Tajweed before you get to learn how to memorize the Quran effectively.

How Can I Memorize the Quran and Never Forget It? 

You can memorize the Quran and never forget it by taking a memorization class with a tutor. Quran tutors know how to guide you to learn the Quran in a way that ensures you never forget it later. These types of classes can also be conducted online.

Which Country Has the Most Hafiz Quran? 

Nigeria is the country that has the most Hafiz Quran. Sheikh Ibrahim Khalil, Chairman of the Kano State Council of Ulamas, has stated that Nigeria has the largest number of memorizers of the Holy Quran in the world.

Do You Have to Memorize the Quran to Go to Heaven? 

No, you don’t have to memorize the Quran to go to heaven. However, in order to go to heaven, you have to stick to praying the 5 daily prayers, and you can’t do that without memorizing the least amount of the Quran.

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