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In order to live their lives the way Allah wants them to live, Muslims are required to read and learn the holy Quran. Allah almighty rewards those who learn the Quran. Nevertheless, learning the holy book is not an easy task unless you have an expert tutor by your side. The teacher helps the student greatly in learning and memorizing the Quran. When you find a suitable Quran tutor for your child, it becomes a lot easier for them to comprehend the true concept of the holy Quran.  Here’s a look at the vital tips that can help you find a reliable online Quran tutor:

Describe your teacher type

Distinct kinds of teachers possess distinct qualities. No single teacher has a specialization in all fields of learning the Holy Quran. Some teachers might be good with recitation of Quran while others may be good with Tajweed rules. This is why you need to define the kind of teacher that you need.

This should be done before beginning your research for the teacher as you might not be able to get access to a suitable teacher if you are not sure of the type that you need.

Conduct your research

You might end up hiring the wrong teacher if you are not conscious about making your selection. It is vital that you do in-depth research while choosing your teacher. You can use distinct sources and ways to get in touch with the teacher. You can conduct online research, get in touch with online Quran teaching institutes, and utilize the recommendations of people.

Shortlist teachers

As it is not possible to meet, hire and interview all the teachers, it is vital that you shortlist a few teachers that you feel are reliable.

When you shortlist a few, it becomes easier for you to filter them and select the one best suited for you. There is a range of factors to consider that can help you in the shortlisting of teachers. These include fee structure, qualification of the teacher, testimonials, etc.

Conduct an interview with the teacher

Interviews make for a great and effective way to learn about the tutors of an online Quran institute. These allow you to make a good judgment about whether the person is capable of teaching your child or not. An interview will help you in knowing about the teacher and share your expectations and terms and conditions with them. 

Compare fee structure

Fee plays a key role in the hiring of a teacher. Certain academies charge a hefty amount of fee that puts a burden on the pocket of the client.

This especially becomes an issue when the services provided by the academy do not justify their huge fee. Thus, it becomes vital that you compare their fee structure and determine which academy is providing you with better services at prices that are reasonable.

Consider the comfort of your child

Once you have zeroed in on a specific teacher, you need to schedule an interview of your child with the tutor in order to make sure that your child is comfortable with the Good Quran Tutor.

There are certain tutors that have a strict style of teaching and this makes it tough for the student to cope with that teacher and learn efficiently from them.

Thus, it becomes vital to know whether your child is comfortable with a certain teacher. It is an important part of Islamic parenting to have your kids master the Quran and live their life righteously.

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The teachers at Quran classes are experts in their fields and are trained by excellent Quran management in order to ensure that adults and kids get access to good quality Quran education. They make Quran memorization and recitation easy and students get to see positive results in a short span of time.

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How to choose a teacher in the Quran?

  1. Reputation: Ask around and get recommendations from friends, family, and community members. Look for a teacher who has a good reputation for being knowledgeable, patient, and kind.
  2. Qualifications: Make sure the teacher has the proper qualifications to teach the Quran. This includes being a Hafiz (someone who has memorized the Quran) and having a degree in Islamic studies.
  3. Experience: Look for a teacher who has experience teaching the Quran. This will ensure that they are familiar with the different methods of teaching and can tailor their instruction to your individual needs.
  4. Cost and Logistics: Discuss and agree upon the financial aspects of the teaching arrangement, including fees, payment terms, and any additional resources or materials required for the lessons. Consider the location and mode of teaching (in-person, online, etc.) that suits your convenience.

  5. Personality. It is important to find a teacher whose personality meshes well with yours. You should feel comfortable and respected in their presence.
  6. Location: Consider the location of the teacher when making your decision. If you are unable to travel to the teacher’s location, look for an online option.
  7. Teaching Methodology: Understand the teaching methodology of the teacher. Some teachers may focus on memorization (hifz), while others may emphasize understanding the meaning and context of the verses (tafsir). Choose a methodology that aligns with your goals and learning style.

  8. Patience and Communication Skills: A good teacher should be patient, understanding, and able to effectively communicate complex concepts. They should create a comfortable and supportive learning environment where students feel encouraged to ask questions and seek clarification.

  9. Time Commitment and Availability: Consider the teacher’s availability and the time they are willing to dedicate to your learning. Ensure that their schedule aligns with yours and that they are committed to regular lessons and progress tracking.

  10. Compatibility: It is important to have a good rapport and compatibility with your teacher. A positive teacher-student relationship can enhance the learning experience and create a conducive environment for growth and understanding.

  11. Continuous Learning: Choose a teacher who encourages ongoing learning and provides resources for further study. A teacher who inspires you to delve deeper into the Quranic sciences and supports your spiritual development is invaluable.

Here are some additional qualities to look for in a Quran tutor:- 

  • Adab (manners).  Quran tutors should be someone who is well-mannered and respectful. They should be able to teach the Quran in a way that is both informative and inspiring.
  • Knowledge of the Quran. Quran tutors should have a deep knowledge of the Quran. They should be able to explain the meaning of the verses and provide guidance on how to apply them to our lives.
  • Experience in teachingQuran tutors should have experience teaching the Quran. They should be able to tailor their instruction to the individual needs of their students.
  • Patience. Teaching the Quran can be a challenging task.  Quran tutors should be patient and understanding with their students.
  • Kindness. Quran tutor should be kind and compassionate. They should create a positive and supportive learning environment for their students.
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