How Hard Is It To Learn The Quran? The Honest Truth

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Unlike the majority of the Muslim community, some people don’t learn the Quran in their childhood. This can be because they didn’t grow up in a Muslim household or they didn’t join Islam until they were adults. They, then, have to learn the Quran as soon as possible.

But the question is, how hard is it to learn the Quran? It’s not that hard to learn the Quran. The level of difficulty you might face is determined by how you learn it. If you learn it with a qualified Quran tutor in a systematic way, you’ll see how easy it is to learn the whole book with no problem.

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Can I Learn the Quran on My Own?

So, can I learn the Quran on my own? Yes, you can learn the Quran on your own. You can learn by yourself how to understand the words and grammar of the Quran. However, you definitely need an experienced Quran tutor to help you learn the deep meanings.

If you’re wondering if you can study the Quran grammatically at home, the answer is yes; you can learn the Quran linguistically at home from a number of sources.

However, if your question is about learning the meaning of the Quran and Tafseer on your own, the answer is no. You cannot study and comprehend the Tafseer and interpretation of the Quran on your own. You will need a skilled tutor to clarify the hidden meanings so that you do not misinterpret them.

How Can I Learn the Quran on My Own?

So, we’ve compiled some suggestions and outlined stages for teaching oneself the Quran and making it easier on yourself.

Start Listening to Quran

There are a number of websites that offer various forms of Quran recitation (Qiraat). Choose your favorite recitation style and reciter and listen to the Sheikh with whom you have the strongest connection.

Listening to the Quran before starting to learn, as well as while learning, will provide a solid foundation. You’ll develop a feel for the rhythm, remember the Quran word for word, and understand when to stop and when to continue.

Learn Arabic

The classical Arabic of the Quran is distinctive and elegant, and knowing how to read it can help you understand Islam. So, if you want to learn the Quran on your own, starting with Arabic is a good place to start.

Learning the Arabic language and grammar will help you better understand the messages of the Quran. Memorizing Arabic words may help you read and interpret the sacred book better. You can choose to watch video lessons, purchase textbooks, or even enroll in an Arabic online course!

Start with the Last Juz

It may be difficult at first to study the entire Quran, particularly if you want to learn to recite the Quran and understand the Quranic language. Note that if your first language isn’t Arabic, the process may not be that easy unless you exercise.

Split the Quran into smaller pieces and start with the shortest Surah in Juz 30 (the last Juz). Because Surah al-Kawthar is the shortest, make it your first step. It is important to note that the more you exercise, the more you will understand Allah’s message.

Learn Tajweed Rules

Tajweed is not required for all Muslims to learn, but it is required for correct Quran recitation. This is great advice since learning Tajweed is more than simply recitation; it also helps you understand the sentences you read in the Quran.

You can practice speaking out each Quranic word or letter. How do you pronounce them correctly? You may avoid making even the most basic mistakes when reading the Quran if you grasp Tajweed principles.

Read a Page Per Day to Finish in One Year

One page each day is suggested, with two pages per day being preferable. Reading your page will probably take you 10 to 15 minutes at first, but as time passes, you’ll be done in less than 5 minutes.

You could read the entire Quran in a year if you did it this way. Start with one page each day and work your way up to two, three, and so on as your confidence grows.

The difficulty of this phase is determined by your degree of Arabic proficiency. If you have a decent grasp of Arabic, reading the Quran will be a breeze.

How Long Does It Take to Learn the Quran by Heart? 

So, how long does it take to learn the Quran by heart? The time it takes to learn the Quran by heart is not fixed, yet it starts at a minimum of 2 years. Learning the Quran may take less or more time depending on your teacher, learning techniques, and devotion.

Memorizing the Quran is what it means to learn it by heart. It might be difficult to memorize the entire Quran on your own. As a result, you will undoubtedly want expert assistance to make this happen. Taking an online Quran memorizing class is a wonderful method to do this.

The Quran should be memorized in a systematic and methodical manner. To guarantee that you are learning in the correct manner, you must follow specific predefined stages. Each stage takes time, but with the correct approach and determination, you will be able to succeed.

Check our Quran Classes courses in memorization and Ijazah. The courses are offered by expert teachers that know exactly how to make the process faster and simpler for you to learn the Quran effortlessly and swiftly. You may advance in all elements of Quran learning by taking a range of courses there too.

Related Questions 

Why Is the Quran So Difficult to Read? 

The Quran is difficult to read because it is written in classic Arabic. Classic Arabic isn’t the easiest way to read Arabic. Unlike Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), you have to be careful of pronouncing each letter and its vowel marks (Tashkeel) not to mess up the entire meaning.

How Can I Memorize the Quran and Never Forget It? 

You can memorize the Quran and never forget it by memorizing it with a Quran tutor. The Quran tutor will ensure that you memorize it in a systematic way. They know which Surahs to emphasize and which ones can be memorized from the first time with no problem. You also need to revise constantly.

How Can I Concentrate While Memorizing the Quran?

You can concentrate while memorizing the Quran by sitting in a calm setting, turning off all distractions, clear your mind and make niyyah (intention) to memorize the Quran. Memorizing the Quran in these conditions ensures better and more convenient memorization sessions.

Can I Memorize the Quran in One Year?

Yes, If you dedicate 5-to-8 hours to new portions and 2 hours to review, you can memorize the Quran in a year. This means learning 15 pages each week and spending the weekend studying the Juz (para) you previously learned.

What Is the Importance of Memorizing the Quran?

Memorizing the Quran is important for Allah’s delight as well as your own peace and dignity. Also, because the Quran will be our intercessor on the Day of Resurrection, we should remember it as much as possible.

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