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Revise Quran Hifz

Before you congratulate yourself on memorizing Quran, you must remember that forgetting Quran is both easy and sinful in Islam. That’s why every Muslim Hafiz (Quran Memorizer) should learn how to revise Quran Hifz (memorization) to avoid that.

Quran Classes has the best method for you to try. Keep reading to know all about it.

Memorizing The Quran

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The best thing any Muslim can do is memorize the Quran. As a result, celebrations are performed whenever a Muslim boy or girl completes their Quran Hifz. People think that only those chosen by Allah SWT have been blessed with the knowledge of how to memorize the Quran or revise the Quran memorization.

There are many benefits for a hafiz in Islam, and Allah SWT will shower His countless blessings on them in this world and the afterworld as well. As prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“The best amongst you is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it.” 


Memorizing Quran is the best thing a Muslim can imagine for himself but forgetting it is definitely the worst. Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) always talked about how forgetting Quran is easy and how we should make sure we don’t fall into that.

“Keep refreshing your knowledge of the Quran for [I swear] by the One in whose hand the soul of Muhammad is, it is more liable to escapes [from memory] than camels do from their hobbles” 

(Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

How To Memorize The Quran Without Forgetting?

Before we begin revising, is there a way that ensures you learn the Quran without forgetting it later? Yes! You can enroll in a Quran memorizing class.

This way, you may enlist the assistance of a competent Quran instructor who understands how to provide you with the necessary tools to memorize the Quran.

Enrolling in a Quran Hifz class is the right first step you can do to protect your memory from forgetting the Quran. These classes follow a systematic manner in memorizing the Quran which is tried and tested to be effective in fast and stable memorization.

How To Revise The Quran Hifz?

You have to make a systematic plan to revise the Quran Hifz. you have to reflect on what you memorized earlier and decide which Surah requires revision and which doesn’t. But how do you set this plan from the start? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Make a timetable
    • Prepare a Quran revision schedule based on the five Salahs (prayers) and review it before performing Salah. Make sure to create this timetable based on your needs and the requirement to revise a Surah.
    • To revisit all of them, recite a different Surah in each rakat of the Salah. You may easily revise several surahs in a day using the Quran revision timetable technique.
  2. Revise Surah by Surah
    • After deciding which Surahs need revision, start revising them two Surahs at a time. If you are really busy, revise at least one Surah every day. On days when you’re not that busy, revise and recite two or more Surahs.
    • Make sure to maintain a balance with Surahs and couple them in accordance with their lengths. Pair a long Surah with a small Surah, for example, rather than two long Surahs. This way, you won’t be putting too much pressure on yourself.
    • This method works whether you just need to revise a couple of Surahs or the whole Quran. Revising the whole Quran this way can take several months, but it’ll be worth it.
  1. Revise Juz by Juz

    • Revising the Quran by Juz is a common method of revising the Quran. Many people adhere to the tradition of revising three Juz per day. They revise the first Juz in the schedule after Fajr Salah, the second Juz after Asr Salah, and the third Juz after Isha’a Salah.
    • They finish their Quran revision in only 10 days this way. If you are too busy to follow this activity, consider reviewing one Juz every day and completing your Quran revision in just one month.
    • This method is suitable for people who are not revising for the first time so they can quickly revisit what they revised before. If this is your first time revising, stick to Surah by Surah revision.
  2. Create a time block in your schedule

    • Another effective way is to determine your revision duration according to your schedule and stick to it. Decide on a time duration for your Quran hifz revision and revise your memorization in that time.
    • For example, people can dedicate 30 to 45 minutes to Quran hifz revision. Others prefer to dedicate just 10 minutes before and after Salah. It’s up to you to choose according to your needs. But make sure to strictly follow the time duration to revise your Quran hifz.
  3. Revise by listening

    • Play a Quran recitation track to listen to if your day is too busy to find time for revision. Listening to the Quran will give you plenty of good deeds and will help you revise what you forgot from the Quran. Listen to the Quran while cooking or doing housework, driving, or attempting to sleep, for example.

What Is The Best Way To Revise The Quran Hifz?

Too many ways to try, huh? If you’re looking for the best way to revise Quran Hifz, then I should tell you that it’s definitely taking an online Quran Class. Taking an online class with a professional tutor gets you the best of two worlds:

  1. Not having to leave the house

    • People with busy schedules, kids, or people who live far away from any Islamic center that has a memorization class struggle with offline courses. They don’t have the luxury to do their revision with the assistance of a professional tutor without leaving the house.
    • Quran online courses allow you to take the class whenever it’s convenient for you without having to leave the house at all. Amazing, isn’t it?
  2. Revising in a systematic manner with the advantage of feedback

    • You don’t have to worry about picking the right method of revision anymore. When you sign up for an online class, the experienced Quran tutor can ask a few questions to determine the best for you. Then they develop a methodical plan to guide you along the way.
    • You do not have to revise on your own; instead, you may revise with your instructor to receive feedback and identify mistakes. Sometimes you’re merely asked to recite what you memorized to check whether you remember it correctly.
    • This can also enhance your recitation because your tutor will provide comments on both your recitation and memorizing.

Related Questions

How Much Time Does It Take to Memorize The Whole Quran?

The time necessary to become a Hafiz varies for almost everyone since it is determined by your learning ability and time commitment. If you decide to devote most of your day to Quran memorization, you will become a hafiz in 1 to 1.5 years. However, If you have a hectic schedule and can’t possibly memorize more than 3 verses every day, it will take you around 9 to 10 years to thoroughly memorize the Quran.

Is It True That Memorizing The Quran Improves Memory?

Yes, it’s true that memorizing the Quran improves your memory. Multiple scientific studies have found that memorizing the Quran at a young age improves memory and boosts IQ. Memorizing the Quran also helps older people enhance their memory and fight Alzheimer’s disease.

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