Simplify Your Process Of Quran Memorization With These Remarkable Tips

For Muslims, learning the holy Quran and becoming a Hafiz is considered to be a great honor that brings them virtues in their life and the life hereafter. Understanding Quran and memorizing it can be a great mental, physical as well as spiritual challenge. It might be a challenge but not an impossible task. With good practice and great determination, you can memorize the Quran. Here we will have a look at the most important tips that can make the process of Quran memorization easy for you:

Set proper goals for Quran memorization

Effective planning and setting of clear and concise goals are vital to make Quran learning a success. You need to jot down your Quran memorization plan. Make a timetable and ensure that you are always on schedule. It is important that you set goals that are measurable as well as realistic. You might be tempted to learn one to two pages in a single session from the Quran but you might give up on it soon owing to lack of time. Thus, it is advisable that you memorize less per session, like six to seven lines every day.  A good Quran tutor can help you in setting up a proper routine for your Quran learning process.

Have a pure intention while memorizing the Quran

In order to memorize the holy Quran, you need to have pure intentions in mind. The idea is to seek Allah almighty’s satisfaction and pleasure and attain paradise. You need to make an honest intention to learn the Quran as everything else will be built upon it. If your intention is pure, your learning process will become easy and rewarding.

Set a time aside to memorize the Quran

Select a proper time during the day to learn the memorization of Quran. At that time, your mind needs to be clear and calm and your surroundings serene. The best time for learning Quran is early in the morning. Hence, you can wake up early and (if possible) first do Fajr prayers in the mosque. After you are done with the early morning prayers, practice memorizing Quran. 

Recite what you have memorized

Recitation of Quran plays a key role when it comes to learning and memorizing it. It is important that you recite the verses that you have memorized during your prayers. This will allow you to practice on what you have learnt and memorized. Prayer (Salah) is a vital worship that get us closer to Allah almighty. When you attempt to recite memorized verses of Quran while performing it, you will see yourself succeeding in memorizing the verses and finding a deeper meaning in them.

Make use of flash cards

Flash cards are a great tool when it comes to memorizing things. You can learn to memorize the verses of the Quran by writing them down on flash cards and keeping them aside for a time to practice on those verses. This will make for a great and effective method to learning and memorizing the Quran. You will not only get to commit it to memory but also become familiar with the distinct lines whenever you take out your flash cards for review.

Hire a good Quran tutor

Seeking assistance from a good Quran tutor can prove to be very beneficial when it comes to learning and memorizing the holy Quran. A teacher can make the process of memorization better, faster and easier. A good tutor can guide you at each and every step in the Quran memorization process. They will help you with proper pronunciation, interpretation of verses and Arabic language. Quran online classes can go a long way in making the process of Quran learning easier. If you are looking for a reliable way to master the holy Quran then Quran Classes is for you.  You get to learn from expert tutors who bring with them years of experience and intensive knowledge of multiple techniques for learning the Quran. Thus, the process of learning becomes a hassle-free one for you. You will experience an improvement in Quran reading and recitation within just the first week of learning with Quran Classes.

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