The Pros And Cons Of Live Quran Classes

Live Quran Classes

Learning the Quran online can take different shapes and follow various methods. The two most popular ways of teaching online at this moment are live Quran classes and premade or asynchronous classes. 

Have you decided to take a live Quran class and want to know what to expect? Read on to know the cons and pros of live Quran classes, and how to make an informed decision.

The Pros of Live Quran Classes

Like any other type of class, live Quran classes have their advantages. They even have exclusive advantages that no other type has. Learn more about these advantages to be able to weigh them with other options you may have:

  • Gives You A Sense of Obligation

When a Quran tutor meets with the same class of students many times a week, they all acquire a feeling of connection as well as an obligation to continue learning. Unlike on-demand classes, you won’t put off taking the lesson since you know that there’s an instructor waiting for you to begin.

  • More Suitable For Beginners

People who have no prior understanding of the Quran require assistance in beginning and continuing their study of Quranic topics. Live lessons are more suited to get you started, especially if you’re still taking baby steps; this is when the professional instructor takes the lead.

  • Better Time Management

Knowing when your classes improve your time management. Whether it’s a group or individual online class, if you and your tutor agree on a timetable, you can stick to it. 

Luckily, online classes allow for flexibility in scheduling. You’re free to pick any convenient time for you and set it up with your tutor. Start your Quran course with Quran Classes now and enjoy the professionalism and flexibility in Quran learning in one trusted place.

  • Regular Feedback

A live Quran tutor always has numerous opportunities to perform some on-the-spot corrections, in recitation and memorization, for example. Additionally, you can make notes on the area you need additional help in so your tutor can focus on. 

Feedback can help you improve faster than any other method you can employ in your Quran learning. Which makes this feature a golden one in live Quran classes.

  • Cheaper Than Other Options

Live classes are often cheaper than offline classes at Islamic centers or pre-made courses online. The low price doesn’t come at a shortage of quality. Quite the contrary, live Quran classes at Quran Classes, for example, offer you the best learning quality at the best prices.

The Cons Of Live Quran Classes

The disadvantages are an avoidable part of any learning option. After you’ve reviewed the advantages, hold on to review the cons as well before you can make a final decision. 

Remember, the best choice for you is not the one that has no shortcomings, it’s the one that its advantages outweigh its disadvantages according to your personal preference.

  • Might Have Technical Problems

In the case of live classes, you have a number of technologies that might cause issues. Disconnections may occur, and you will occasionally have technical difficulties. The technical challenges can involve difficulty in accessing the course materials as well.

To avoid this problem as much as possible, try to pick an Islamic school that utilizes a trusted platform that can handle live classes with no problem.

  • Time Differences

Since online Quran learning opened the door for the global audience to join, different time zones are something to consider. It might be a little hard to find a suitable live class schedule if you’re a part of a group that has different time zones within.

This problem is avoidable, though. Start with one-on-one classes and make sure that you and your tutor have the same time zone so as not to fall into this trap.

  • Lack of Body Language 

In this case, traditional classes win. Assuming you do not use live camera streams in your class. If you are watching your instructors’ screen without displaying your camera, they will be unable to evaluate your body language and facial expressions to determine whether or not you truly understand what has been discussed.

  • Possibility of Lots Of Distractions

Since you’ll be taking this from home, you have lots of distractions to worry about. Your family members can be too loud, your children may get cranky and need you to be there for them, and lots of other distractions can interfere with your live class.

These and many other issues with not controlling your learning environment can affect your ability to learn. Especially when you can’t postpone the lesson for some other time to deal with what you have at home.

  • Language Differences

If you speak a different language other than your Quran tutor, this can be a problem. This problem is often solved by speaking English, or Arabic in the case of learning the Quran. To be on the safe side, learn both Arabic and English.

If both of you can’t speak the same language, there are no subtitles to replace the original language, therefore, you’ll have a problem communicating.


Live Quran classes can be amazing for beginners and children because it helps the learner to be engaged and creates a sense of obligation and connection towards Quran learning. If you have the habit of procrastinating or poor time management, it’ll work best for you.

However, live Quran classes may not be that suitable for other people. If you can’t concentrate at home or at work where you’re regularly distracted by events and people, live classes are not for you.

A few tips to consider while making your decision include whether you share the same language as the tutor, whether you also share the time zone with the tutor or with the other students if it’s a group class, and whether the software used in the class is easy to use and not prone to frequent technical issues.

Quran Classes is the place to go if you want to attend online live Quran classes with a competent teacher, flexible scheduling, and cost-effective programs. You’ll find everything you’re looking for in one place trusted by thousands of other Quran learners!

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