What are Quran Classes? What to Expect!

Quran Classes

The decision to learn the Quran online can be easy. However, not knowing enough about Quran classes may hinder your process for months. You need to know everything there’s to know about this service while being familiar with what to expect from it.

Keep reading to know more about Quran classes, what’s being taught in them, and how to choose the best one for you and your kids.

What Do We Mean by Quran Classes?

Quran courses, also known as virtual Quran school, are a sequence of virtual lessons in Islamic studies, Quran, Seerah, and Arabic that students can receive from the comfort of their own homes or from any location with a reliable Internet connection.

Teachers work remotely with their online students and follow a defined curriculum. They must be able to use the software chosen for the school in order to work effectively with the students. Most of the professors that teach Quran classes are native Arab or at least proficient in the Arabic language.

The structure of an online Islamic classroom may vary from one school to the next. Most online students, on the other hand, check in on a regular basis to a learning management system (LMS). It’s a virtual gateway via which they may review the syllabus, chat with instructors and classmates, and contact support services.

Most Quran schools offer Quran classes for kids online. They tailor them to fit any age. These classes aim at teaching kids about their religion from a very young age. 

You have the option of having your child study in a private or group environment. Schools provide both ways so that students may sign up for whatever style helps them feel most at ease while engaging with teachers.

Some children learn best when they have the teacher’s full attention, but others need to collaborate with other children to stay motivated to learn.

Is It Necessary for Students to Attend Classes at a Specific Time?

Asynchronous, or self-paced, online Quran lessons are common. However, certain classes necessitate immediate engagement with the Quran tutor. 

The live class may be recorded so that students can view it later and take notes, or it can be attended live with the instructor so that they can ask questions and receive feedback.

Quran recitation classes, for example, typically employ the approach of repetition and imitation. You must pay great attention to how your instructor recites and copy them; they will then evaluate your imitation and spot errors.

Quran memorization classes also necessitate immediate contact. You must memorize using the reciter’s methods and recite what you have learned before waiting for the tutor to evaluate your memorization.

Nonetheless, even courses that need immediate involvement are schedule-flexible and might include an offline part that you or your children can access and learn on their own. Whether it’s a Quran instruction handbook, a Quran memorizing tool, or other course materials.

What Do We Learn in Quran Classes?

You get to learn a variety of subjects when you sign up for an online Quran class. The majority of Quran classes provide comprehensive lessons in:

You will be able to experience the beauty of Islam and the Quran in a comfortable setting. You’ll have the chance to ask about anything you don’t understand and get immediate professional answers.

What Are The Benefits of Online Quran Classes?

A variety of courses

Finding local courses for the less common Quranic and Islamic majors may be hard in some regions of the world. It’s possible that commuting or moving to attend classes every day is out of the question. 

So, you can rely on online Quran classes to learn whichever subject you want to learn. You don’t have to worry about finding good tutors as well.


Online Quran classes are well-known for their convenience, as digital access is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students may log in and view information at any time that is convenient for them. 

Schedules for live sessions in which you should interact with your teacher are established ahead of time according to what works best for you.

Multimedia material

Traditional learning usually involves a speaker who waxes lyrical about the subject. Some schools only have a whiteboard or an old projector to stimulate your senses. Online courses, on the other hand, have the potential to attract a plethora of creative new multimedia formats.

Infographics, images, films, and animations may all be used to teach. Magazines, publications, and apps are all acceptable as well.

Personal pace

You are not required to learn at the typical semester pace. Online lessons allow you to learn at a much faster or much slower rate. You get to choose when to learn and when to finish your classes.

This is especially useful for children who are still figuring out their learning rate.

Different class formats

Some people prefer not to study in a group setting, therefore private online lessons may be desirable. With online Quran classes, you may select from group lessons or one-on-one sessions where you have your instructor’s undivided attention.


It is true that online learning may be significantly less expensive than traditional learning. Classes on the Quran are no exception. All you have to pay is the cost of each class you enroll in. The material and customer support costs are included in the course fees, so you won’t have to pay anything extra.

Diverse learning community

Online Quran learning draws Muslims from all around the world who want to learn more about their religion and the Book of Allah. Signing up for Quran group courses allows you to engage with fellow Muslims from other cultures, which will widen your horizons more than you think.

This may be especially exciting for your children who are eager to learn new things and meet new friends. They learn how to communicate with individuals from various backgrounds. You’ll see how excited they are to make new friends from the other side of the world.

What Are The Disadvantages of Online Quran Classes?

There is less social interaction.

Online lessons are delivered through the Internet rather than at a physical location. Naturally, this has a huge impact on students’ engagement with one another. The vast bulk of your interactions will occur on a computer screen.

There will be no in-person study groups in the library, nor will there be any lunchtime gatherings in the restaurant. You are also less likely to join groups or participate in social activities. This can be aggravating, especially for children who want to interact with the world around them.

Internet issues that might arise

Technical issues all are a source of frustration in online learning. When an internet connection breaks, it can ruin a whole day’s worth of training. To attend courses, ask questions, listen carefully to your instructor, submit assignments, and take tests, you must have good access to the internet.

It is possible that technical issues will obstruct your distance education. Although many online schools offer 24-hour online tech support, you may still need to handle some of the difficulties on your own.

Completely self-motivated

In Quran online courses, you can be entirely responsible for mastering the material on your own. If you are prone to procrastination, you may rapidly fall behind. Instructors do not track your progress or urge you to continue if you do not have the motivation on your own.

There are too many distractions.

Distractions in the classroom are restricted and may be managed by the instructor. Online classes, on the other hand, do not provide this barrier from distraction. Because online students check in from home or the office, the potential distractions are limitless.

Unprofessional instructors might be a source of concern.

As a result, before enrolling in an Islamic online school, you should perform comprehensive research. Unprofessional instructors who lack accredited skills in teaching Islamic studies and Quran may be a cause for concern.

Most online Islamic schools use specialists who have graduated from recognized colleges such as Al Azhar University, so choose one of those to ensure you learn proper knowledge of the Quran.

How to Choose The Best Quran Classes Platform? 

How do you know whether the Quran school you have discovered online is a good one that will truly assist you and not waste your time and money? Here is a simple method to determine if an online Islamic school is beneficial or bad for you and your children.

Being Recognized

Only recognized and accredited Quran online schools should be on your shortlist. When it comes to learning Islam and Quran, it is essential to verify that the method of education, as well as the materials used, are legitimate and trustworthy, particularly in Quranic sessions.

Has Reputable Tutors

Tutors bring respectability to Islamic schools. Tutors who are well-educated and well-trained provide quality Quran learning. Examine the tutors’ profiles to discover more about their backgrounds. It is preferable if they have graduated from Islamic institutions such as Al-Azhar University in Egypt.

Provides a Wide Range of Subjects

Make sure they have a wide range of things to teach. It should be noted that certain schools specialize in themes like Quran recitation and memorization, whilst others concentrate on Islamic studies and Quran Tafsir. Based on what you need to learn, select a top school in that field.

You may also choose what your children should study based on their age and capabilities. Children as early as four years old can start learning Quran reciting, and as young as seven years old can start learning Quran memorization.

You may have taught them basic principles at home and wish for the school to continue where you left off. As a result, before enrolling your children, you should look into the levels and courses that are offered. 

That is why reputable Quranic schools include a wide range of courses to accommodate students of various levels and ages.

Has an excellent Customer Service

Customer service is important in online learning since it is the only way for students to contact the institution. You must be able to ask questions and receive comprehensive expert responses. You should specifically contact the school to review their customer service.

Do your best to evaluate every response they give you. Your final question should be to yourself; will this service be truly helpful if I have a problem regarding my learning in the future? If yes, their customer service has definitely passed the test.

Provides good value for money

Online education is typically less expensive than traditional education. However, you must assess the tuition in relation to the material and perceived worth. You can discover a free Islamic online school, which is fantastic, but you must also consider the value perceived in return.

The opposite is also true. If you come across a Quran school that you feel is pricey, be certain that they offer you all you want to be satisfied with your Quran education.

What Makes Quran Classes Your Best Option?

Quran Classes provides excellent Quran online lessons with experienced online Quran instructors for kids and adults and has a 99 percent user satisfaction rate. You may choose from our useful courses and experience a free trial class. 

Among our key courses are:

Quran recitation course

The Quran recitation course teaches you basic Quran recitation using appropriate tajweed guidelines. Tajweed rules might be difficult to learn, but with our skilled tutors, you can learn them quickly.

Basic Qaida course

This course is intended for students who are just starting out with Noorani Qaida. This is followed by all teachers while teaching Islamic knowledge through Noorani Qaida.

When you enroll your children in this course, they will learn the fundamentals of reading the Arabic text in the Quran correctly and attain beginner’s level skills in a short time with an effective method of learning. 

They’ll gradually practice what they have learned with exercises that instill fluency in their Quran reading and interact with a verified instructor to monitor and guide their reading.

Quran memorization course

Tutors in the Quran Memorization course may teach students how to remember the Quran in a very structured manner that generates quick results while guaranteeing they don’t lose what they learned. 

Your children also get to memorize the Quran at their own pace without being pressured or burdened by the process.

Quran instructors in this course focus not only on memorizing but also on reading Quran with tajweed.

Quran Tajweed course

In this online tajweed course, you will be able to learn Quran with Tajweed by listening to, reciting to, and being corrected by a qualified online Quran teacher. There’s a special Quran with Tajweed for kids course that your children will absolutely benefit from.

Convenient Quran Lessons
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