Who is The First Female Hafiz of the Quran?

First Female Hafiz of the Quran

The Arabic word Hafiz means a keeper or Guardian. The point of being a hafiz is to memorize the holy Quran and not to forget. Over the years there have been many hafizes, but who was the first female Hafiz? That’s what we will find out.  

Who is the first female hafiz of the Quran? The first female hafiz was Um al Momineen Hafsa bint-e-Umar (Radhi Allahu Anha), she was the first female and woman to memorize the whole Quran and become a hafiz.

Who was the first woman to memorize the Holy Quran?

who is the first female hafiz of the quran

The first female to memorize the holy Quran was the daughter of Umar Bin Khattab (RDA), and the wife of the prophet (PBUH), Hafsa bint-e-Umar (RDA).

Who was the first man to memorize the Quran?

I think you know the answer to this question. The first man to memorize the Quran was the prophet Muhammed peace and blessing be upon him. He was called “Sayyid al-Huffaz” as he was the first person to memorize the whole Quran.   bershka zenske kozne jakne cijena  رسم فنجان قهوة سهل  billie eilish merch bershka hoodie  vasca idromassaggio cinese amazon  dita logo משקפי שמש  costume carnevale 44 gatti  בני ציון נעליים  gopro app windows xp  щори от плат бургас  מתנה מוכרת 2017  igi e co sneakers alte amazon  marvel super heroes wii u  cantinetta vino plastica amazon  עפולה רח יהלום  youtube link to mp3 converter 

What happens when you become a hafiz?

Hafiz is the name given to the person who memorizes the whole Quran by heart and can recite it from memory at any time.

To become a hafiz and be rewarded for it you should memorize the Quran. You should do it for Allah not for showing off and to act on it. Use what you have learned from the Quran in your life, when you do so Allah will reward you.

The prophet peace and blessing be upon him said:

“It will be said to the companion of the Quran when he enters Paradise: ‘Recite and rise one degree for every Verse,’ until he recites the last thing that he knows.”

[Sunan Ibn Majah 3780]

Is it obligatory to memorize Quran?

Memorizing the whole Quran is not obligatory, but Muslims should memorize some of the Quran so that they can recite it in their prayer by heart.

How can I memorize Surah fast?

Instead of trying the full surah practice memorizing two aya. Or one new aya every day and in the next day try to recite what you have memorized so far.

If you did it successfully keep going and if you forgot something then try to memorize it again. With time you will finish the whole surah.

Ask one of your friends or family members to memorize with you, this will encourage you and help you continue.

How to become a hafiz? And can a girl be Hafiz?

Becoming a hafiz is not just for men; girls can memorize Quran too and become a hafiz. We have already mentioned that the first woman to memorize the holy Quran was Um al Momineen Hafsa bint-e-Umar.

why don’t we become like her?

What is a female Hafiz called? A female hafiz is also being called a hafiz.

Now we will learn how to become a hafiz.

Make a time in your schedule for memorizing Quran:

Every day start learning a new lesson. What we mean by a new lesson is to memorize a new verse or couple of verses.

The best time to read or memorize Quran is after Fajr. But you can do so at any time, it is a good idea to learn in the morning too. Revise the old verses you have memorized then learn new ones.

If you are taking classes with a teacher this method will help you get rid of the stress of reading in front of your teacher. You could also read in the evening to practice for the next day’s lesson.

Some studies show that studying before sleeping help you memorize faster, and in the morning you will be able to remember what you memorized faster.

If you don’t have free time due to work, don’t worry Allah will make it easier for you, just try to memorize and Allah will help you along the way.

Learn a new lesson every day:

On the next day, you will learn the new verses, however, you should first recite the old ones that you have learned to ensure that you haven’t forgotten anything.

If you forgot a verse there is no need to panic or feel depressed just revise it and try to memorize it. It won’t take much of your time or delay the new lesson.

Memorizing Quran needs patience and persistence, there is no need to hurry or stress yourself, you will become a hafiz but to do so correctly you need to learn slowly and understand the meaning of the verses you are memorizing or you won’t be able to recall it.

Push yourself:

When you finish memorizing a juz (part) you should revise it once a week besides revising the verses you learned yesterday. Yes, this will take time from you but it is the best way to recall and make sure that you don’t forget anything. Remember you will only do that once a week, not every day.

Try to learn Arabic:

Quran was revealed in Arabic, to be able to understand every word you are reading you should learn Arabic. Reading the English translation of the Quran will not help you understand the true message of the Quran, yes it will be easier for you to understand but it’s better to read it in Arabic.

Memorize the short surah first, Start from the end of the Quran:

It is easier to memorize the short surahs first, plus when you finish many of them you will become eager to continue.

The last part of the Quran is the easiest to memorize. So when you are at the beginning of becoming a girl hafiz it is better to start from the last part to encourage yourself to continue.

While you are memorizing learn the meaning too, don’t memorize what you don’t understand. Understanding makes it easier for you to memorize.

Find the learning technique that works for you:

There are many techniques to choose from, for example, you could keep reading a verse until you memorize it then try to repeat it without looking at the surah.

When you finish memorizing the verse go to the next one and do the same, then try to repeat the verses without looking. If you succeed and you want to keep going then go on but don’t push yourself too far. Learn how much is enough for you is.

sit in a quiet room:

To memorize you need to concentrate and stay away from any distractions, so find yourself a quiet place and start memorizing. It is also a good idea to listen to a reciter a couple of times until the verses get stuck in your head. But if you don’t like this technique then don’t use it.

Recite the verses you have memorized for someone else:

To make sure that you are doing well in memorizing ask a family member or a friend to test you.

Always ask for Allah’s help:

Every day before you start memorizing ask Allah to help you achieve your goal of becoming a hafiz. When you feel that you can’t continue close your eyes and remind yourself that Allah is there for you, and with Allah’s help nothing is impossible.

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